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Situated on 160 acres of unspoiled wilderness within the Kikino Métis Settlement in Northeast Alberta, Hideaway Adventure Grounds embodies the lifelong vision of its owner and founder, John Ritchie. Since its inception in 2018, this extraordinary destination has evolved from a modest campsite into a captivating boreal forest sanctuary.

At Hideaway Adventure Grounds, guests encounter a diverse array of accommodations and personalized experiences, all within an environment designed to foster learning, well-being, and the joy of communal engagement. Whether you crave tranquility amidst nature, crave thrilling adventures, or simply yearn to revitalize your mind and body, Hideaway Adventure Grounds offers an enchanting refuge where aspirations become reality.

Beyond our on-site offerings, Hideaway extends its reach through a unique mobile education program. This initiative endeavors to bring the richness of Métis heritage experiences and vital outdoor skills to schools and communities throughout the province. By transporting the immersive and educational essence of Hideaway Adventure Grounds far and wide, we aim to connect with a broader audience and impart the beauty of Métis culture and the significance of outdoor proficiency to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. This undertaking exemplifies Hideaway’s dedication to spreading knowledge, nurturing a deeper reverence for nature, and forging enduring bonds within the community.