Hideaway Adventure Grounds
Hideaway Adventure Grounds

Hideaway Adventure Grounds has applied our Indigenous teachings to design a logo that represents our value and beliefs.
Colors hold meanings for people around the world and Indigenous Peoples of North American hold colors in high regard.
The meanings of the colors have many layers of understanding and as we grow in knowledge, we discover the depth of their connection.


The shape of Hideaway Adventure Grounds logo demonstrates we are all connected.

The colors are a combination of the First Nations and Metis Cultures.
First Nation Interpretation of the colors:
• White is in the North position and represents our Elders and knowledge.
• Yellow is in the East position and represents a new day, new beginnings.
• Red is in the South position and represents vitality and growth.
• Blue is in the West position and represents introspection.

Metis interpretation of the colors for the Sash.
• White is for our connection to the earth and the Creator.
• Yellow is for the prospect of prosperity.
• Red is for the blood of the Metis that was shed.
• Blue is for the depth of our Spirit.
• Green is for the fertility of a great nation.

Hear from our Guests.

The true reward is a kind word. Hear are some kind words shared from our amazing visitors and guests.