Hideaway is perfect for day programs and private group functions.

Program lengths are adjustable: 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. Programs can be combined or customized to meet the needs of the group. We can add more hands on activities for skill development, like fire starting, knife safety, traps and snares.

Current Programming

Returning to the Land

Learn how the Indigenous People thrived in the Boreal Forest! Where do you find food, shelter, medicine, and water?

Emerging from the Red River Settlement the Metis moved westward following the rivers and the furs.  Constantly on the move the Metis understood the lands from their First Nations mothers and the gain available from the trade of the furs from their European fathers.  The ability to provide shelter, food, and warmth for the families took many skills.  We will explore the methods of transportation, housing, food sources, and medical treatments.

Shelter Science: 

Learn how to use science to stay warm in cold weather environments.

This program will illustrate the following:

  • Radiate heat
  • Reflective heat
  • Convection Heat
  • Conductive heat loss
  • Understanding condensation
  • Air circulation management

Additional Land Based skill development sessions:

  • Fire starting: friction fires, ferro rod devices.
  • Knife & Axe safety.
  • Leather Crafting: pouches, knife sheaths, bracelets.
  • Outdoor Cooking techniques.
  • Traditional structures: tipi, trappers tent, emergency shelters.